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How Canva Created a Truly Local Experience in Brazil with Localised Payments


Canva needed a localised payment solution to offer their Brazilian community a seamless product experience, while ensuring they had the technical infrastructure needed to scale.


PrimeiroPay helped Canva build a fully localised presence in Brazil, contributing to their goal of fostering a truly local product experience for every market. This resulted in a 25% increase in their payment success rate within the first few weeks.

If you work in marketing or design – or have whipped up an invitation for a birthday party – chances are you’ve come across Canva, the global design platform. Recently valued at over $6 billion, Canva has long been recognized for its ambitious localisation strategy and is currently available in over 100 languages.  

So, when Canva spotted their growing number of users in Brazil, they realized they’d need a full localisation strategy to build a truly local and authentic user experience. 

To target the Brazilian market, they began a growth strategy based on localisation and customisation. Their website was translated and localised. They started developing content for the local audience. They even localised the Canva platform itself, with design templates that reflected the local preferences for bright colors, local holidays like Carnaval, and graphic elements based on the Brazilian culture. 

A key part of their Brazilian strategy was a localised approach to payments. Canva reached out to PrimeiroPay to help advise them on the best approach to payments for the Brazilian market

The PrimeiroPay team kicked things off by advising Canva on local payment behaviors. We started by working with Canva to integrate payments via local credit cards, rather than only international credit cards, with the vast majority of Brazillians only using local credit cards, this was an important step in creating a seamlessly local payment experience. The vast majority of Brazilians only have a local credit card which won’t work on international sites. By integrating PrimeiroPay, Canva was able to offer their Brazilian customers a seamless payment experience, where they could pay using their local credit card. 

As a result of their localised payments strategy, Canva increased their payment success rate in Brazil by 25% in the first few weeks. More recently, again with PrimeiroPay’s help, they have localized their payments processing for the Mexican market, resulting in a 16% increase in success rates within the first weeks.  

At PrimeiroPay, we don’t just process payments – we act as strategic partners for every client, advising on local markets, new regulations that might affect their compliance, or options that could help optimize their approval rates. For Canva, this approach has aligned well with their goal of providing every user with the best, most effortless and most relevant experience possible. 

Want a success story like Canva’s? Talk to one of our payment experts now.

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