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What is PrimeiroPay: our offer in 3 minutes

What is PrimeiroPay, you ask? We explain in our video. Let’s get started.

What is PrimeiroPay? You might have come across our brand either on a search engine or heard of us from digital companies we are happy to call Clients. But what is the company, and what do we do?

PrimeiroPay is an international payment service provider that enables companies worldwide to offer local online payments in Latin America while being settled their funds on countries of their choice. Our partners expand proximity to their shoppers in high potential markets such as Brazil and Mexico without the need for establishing a local entity of their own.

Our mission is to help merchants expand their business and bring them closer to their customers by streamlining their finances and payment experiences with a scalable and reliable solution. We encompass local processing, transparent FX and advisory in specific market regulations. 

Not only what is PrimeiroPay but also, the why and the how

PrimeiroPay was born out of a challenge our founder, Tim Werner, came across as a merchant several times: finding a true customer-centric payment provider.

At the time, working as a Business Developer for an online video gaming company, he understood firsthand the need for international companies to accept cross-border payments in local currency.

He was searching for transparency and no hidden fees, accurate reports, and support from professionals with in-depth knowledge of LATAM legislation and regulations.

“When I couldn’t find players who met my standards, I decided to found PrimeiroPay and be the best option for businesses who did not want to open local entities in the region and still deliver a prime payment experience to their customers”, says the Managing Director and founder of PrimeiroPay, Tim Werner.

We are a network of people working closely to build a world where distance and complexity will not limit a company’s growth. Watch the video and let us tell you more about how we can help your business grow without the hassle and unlock valuable revenue in LATAM. 

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