PrimeiroPay Brings Paysafecard To Brazil

Luxembourg / São Paulo, August 30, 2017. PrimeiroPay, a leading payment provider headquartered in Luxembourg, announces today the launch of paysafecard in Brazil.

Paysafecard offers globally in more than 45 countries a prepaid card solution that does not require a credit card or bank account. paysafecard is already available in Latin America – in Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Mexico. The pre-paid specialist will begin its foray into Brazil alongside local sales and distribution partners, which will offer paysafecard at ~40,000 sales outlets.

PrimeiroPay will act as paysafecard’s payment processor in Brazil.
“We have a large amount of unbanked people in Brazil”, says Felipe Serrão who was responsible for the implementation of paysafecard in Brazil.
He foresees a strong opportunity for merchants to increase revenues by reaching unbanked people and those who do not want to share their credit card details online.
“Boleto Bancario has been a strong payment method for many e-commerce business, however, the asynchronous payment confirmation that can only happen during bank days, doesn’t always suit the payment behavior of the shopper. They would like to have the service or good instantly. Paysafecard reverses this flow as the 16 digit Pin-Code purchased at one of the 40,000 Point of Sales can be redeemed online any time and confirmation of the payment happens immediately”.

The new payment method is part of PrimeiroPay’s extensive growth rates and will foster its position being the leading payment specialist for Brazil.

“We are extremely happy that we can continuously launch innovative products in such a vibrant market like Brazil. Adding paysafecard to our product portfolio is the result of our strong focus on the Brazilian market.”, explains Tim Werner, Managing Director at PrimeiroPay.

Paysafecard was already launched at a number of PrimeiroPay’s merchants and will be rolled out constantly to new partners in the upcoming weeks.