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Five years, five questions: Felipe Serrão

This month we are celebrating another 5th anniversary in PrimeiroPay: our Head of Europe, Felipe Serrão. From the early days in the company, Serrão witnessed the company grow from an insider perspective, and has a lot to share with us. Here are five questions for his five years in the team. If his story resonates with your ideal place to work, don’t forget to check out our openings.

1) Five years at PrimeiroPay, congratulations! Can you tell us a bit of what changed since then?

A lot has changed! I turned 30, got married and moved to a different country.

Now from a business perspective, imagine all the changes you go through when expanding a business from a small team of people that can fit in one room to six different soon-to-be locations all over the world!

2) What’s your most memorable moment? 

I’m proud of PrimeiroPay as a whole and all of its journey so far, but if I were to choose memorable moments, I would say we have plenty of them from our team events.

Last year, we were in Cancun and the year before we were at Oktoberfest. Hahaha

It’s always a great opportunity to catch up with everyone in person (especially if we consider the moment we are all going through right now) and uniting our team even more as we strongly believe that being close together is the best way to succeed!

3) What are your five favourite things about working for PrimeiroPay?

Having worked at different companies in all their spectrum, I can say PrimeiroPay has a forward-thinking mentality when it comes to running a business: we make decisions fast, people are empowered to act, we are driven by results, job descriptions are fluid, etc.

And even in a multicultural environment such as ours, we are able to identify ourselves with each other.

4) Looking back and using one word, how do you define your career at PrimeiroPay? Why?

Enriching. It feels more like I have been at PrimeiroPay for 1 year but in 5 different occasions rather than 5 years straight!

As each year presented itself with a new challenge, I had to reinvent myself and develop new skills set as the business unfolded.

5) What to expect for the next five years?

That we are all still holding hands.

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