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Development, in every possible sense

We all feel responsible for the company’s success. At PrimeiroPay, there are no ‘Boxes.’

“The architects of our platform”, “one of the company’s pillars”, or “the funniest people you will ever meet”; no matter what you want to call them, our development crew is essential for PrimeiroPay. It is our fastest-growing team, and we are looking for more talented professionals to join them. Our system developer, Renato Oliveira, was up for the challenge and he tells us a bit about his routine as a dev at PrimeiroPay. He guarantees challenges, dynamic environment, autonomy and fun. Learn more in his interview with our blog.

– Programmer, Coder, Developer. What is the difference?

In general, there is no difference. Some people call a ‘developer’ someone responsible for building a whole system, while a programmer and a coder are the members of the team who will tackle more specific problems. Personally, I would not put us in such different boxes; we are all responsible for launching new software for PrimeiroPay.  

– Tell us a bit about your background before working for PrimeiroPay

I’ve been in the industry for seven years. During this time, I worked for different companies. I had early contact with programming; it was during my years studying at a technical secondary school. Since then, I fell in love with the profession and just knew I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. I also had the pleasure to meet Kleber Utida, who is now my colleague at PrimeiroPay.

– During those first years, what was your ideal job? 

When I started programming, I had very similar aspirations to most of my peers: I wanted to work for giants like Google or Facebook. We were mesmerised by their aura of being groundbreaking companies, modern, full of excitement, entertainment, etc. Don’t get me wrong; they have changed the way companies are structured and how they build their strategy, their hierarchy and Human Resources policies. But, after a while, I met people who left those teams to find a better work-life balance and have perks that actually make a “Great Place to Work”. 

– What made you choose PrimeiroPay?

I found at PrimeiroPay what, for me, are the components of good company culture: a healthy environment, fair compensation, happy people, and support for whatever I need to work and to develop. Here, I acquire new knowledge on a daily basis: from financial markets to technology I had never used. I feel stimulated to learn because I have the freedom, flexibility and autonomy to practise those lessons. It’s simple; I grow, the company grows. 

– Can you describe a few of the responsibilities in PrimeiroPay that get you most excited about your work?

I would say developing integrations to new acquirers because it allows me to gain knowledge and, at the same time, give value back to the company. Creating new functionalities for our merchants is also super stimulating because we deliver improved customer experiences to their clients. This has a real impact, and it’s fantastic to think about how I was part of it.

– What advice would you give to a programmer that just joined PrimeiroPay?

You made the right choice. Here you always have someone to help you, so don’t be afraid. You will be challenged, and there will always be opportunities to learn. Be proactive in that sense. Share your thoughts, give suggestions, feel free to express your opinion and bring new things to the table. We appreciate work that adds value to you, to the team and the company.

We are hiring developers at PrimeiroPay. Check out our opening: Java Fullstack Developer

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