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PrimeiroPay launches partnership with Zuora for recurring cross-border payments

Businesses that use Zuora and want to expand to Latin America can now simplify the process using PrimeiroPay’s solution

PrimeiroPay, cross-border payment solution for companies growing in emerging markets, is announcing their partnership with Zuora, cloud-based subscription management platform provider, to enable fast and secure recurring payments in Latin America.  

Digital businesses planning to expand to Latin America have now the option of accepting recurring payments without the need for a local entity. The payments are processed locally, in local currencies and payment methods, and then settled in the merchant’s country and currency of choice. Doing business in emerging markets can often create unique challenges, and PrimerioPay offers its customers a specialized tool to navigate this complex landscape. Emerging countries are often known for their regulatory complexities,  low tax efficiency, and fast-changing tributary regulations, and PrimeiroPay is the best choice to launch new markets and navigate this challenging landscape.

Zuora’s cloud-based software-as-a-service enables companies across a wide range of industries to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business. Zuora provides partners with a market-leading platform to benefit from all the demand created by the fast-growing global Subscription Economy across all industries.

It takes minimal effort for merchants working with Zuora to start processing recurring payments with PrimeiroPay. With one contract, E-commerce vendors are fully connected to both Zuora’s and PrimerioPay’s platforms with a simple setup. Access to new Latin American markets is simplified, enabling local payment methods, with straightforward reporting, creating the potential to reaching and retaining millions of new customers. 

New partnership, same values

“Both our companies have a similar objective: to remove complexity for subscription businesses. PrimeiroPay removes the hassle in entering new and emerging markets, while Zuora simplifies the operation of companies in a recurring business or subscription model. The results are also the same: growth and proximity to shoppers, offering the best possible customer journey”, says PrimeiroPay Managing Director, Tim Werner.

Another quality both companies have in common is the building of strong partnerships. “Our partnership program helps define and strengthen our worldwide ecosystem through collaboration regarding joint business objectives, revenue goals, sales enablement, value-added technical offerings and development support, helping to drive global success in the Subscription Economy”, says Kristin Hagan, Global Head of ISV’s and Technology Partnerships.

“We believe Subscriptions are the future of every industry. In addition to the reliability and durability of the recurring revenue model, subscription-based businesses also benefit from an ongoing relationship with their customer. As a result, companies are undergoing digital transformation to launch and monetize new services to enhance their product portfolios. And our partner ecosystem is a critical component of customer success in the Subscription Economy,” says Hagan.

Are you a subscription merchant using Zuora and on its way to Latin America? We are the right solution for you.

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