Online payment system with great rates and transparency

Our payment system has been designed to make sure you get the most competitive payment processing rates, wherever you do business. We charge a percentage fee per transaction, and our prices are based on the type of payments you offer your customers. It’s up to you to decide which payments options will suit your customers best.

Our Payments Experts will be on hand to guide you through the process.

Debit and Credit cards

Starting at


For growing businesses processing up to
150k USD per month

Alternative Cash-payment methods

Starting at


For business processing less than 150k USD per month

For monthly processed volume above 150k USD, get in touch with our team

One contract, one integration,
multiple benefits:

Settlement reports

High Approval Rates: our clients see an average 40% increase in their approval rates

white label

Installments: allow your customers to spread their payments over the course of months

PCI DSS 3.2 Level 1

Settlement Guarantee: from the moment PrimeiroPay approves a sale, you are guaranteed to receive the purchased amount

transparent pricing

Fraud and Risk Management: our automated defence system will maximise legitimate transactions on your website

Solid relationships

Anticipation of Receivables: anticipate funds in Brazil from payments in installments sales or settle at the expected time. You choose when you want to get paid

payment and financial regulations

Security and Trust: our solution is maintained through solid and reliable partnerships with banks, acquirers, global PSPs, and tech providers

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