Sell in Latin America, get paid anywhere in the world.

PrimeiroPay processes all transactions quickly, securely and easily. We receive the payment from consumers and send them to you, anywhere in the world.

Focus on what is most important!

Forget about taxes and bureaucracy and don’t worry about opening a business in each country. PrimeiroPay takes care of everything, so you can worry about what’s really important: your business.

With just one integration, your company can access new consumer bases in the fastes growing markets in Latin America. By offering local payment options to your local shoppers you significantly increase sales throughout the region.

Increase your credit card conversion rate!

With local acquiring offered by PrimeiroPay you can significantly increase you card conversion rate.

We bring the best end-user experience for your costumers in Latin America.

With our PCI-compliant platform, all data is encrypted, secure and processed in real-time. Receive the funds tax-free in your preffered currency anywhere in the world.

We settle fastly, reliably and transparently.

Key Benefits

100% coverage, all cards can pay including domestic cards

 Fully White Labeled

Withholding-Tax Free remittance, free of VAT in your country

Most competitive rates in the market

Instant fraud checks and confirmation of payment

PCI compliance. Thanks to our hosted payment page

Card saving feature and recurring payments for better conversion

Agreement European style: we are based in Luxembourg

Highly transparent and efficient settlement

Local Acquiring

For example, in Brazil, with local acquiring, the credit card approval rate increases significantly and the Brazilian consumer pays an IOF of only 0.38%. PrimeiroPay partners with the major Brazilian acquirers and accepts all of the card networks available on the market.

Recurring Charges

PrimeiroPay has an agreement with local acquirers which improves the approval rate of recurring charges. This allows for a much better conversion of subscription products and services.

Billing Descriptor

With PrimeiroPay, your brand appears in the description on the credit card statement, to improve the payment experience and avoid chargebacks.


The possibility to pay in installments makes various high-priced products and services more available. This way, the total amount is split up into monthly installments that fit into a budget. With PrimeiroPay, you can offer interest-free installments to your clients.